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Forward thinking

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 02•10

In an effort to get past this rotten week, and in response to my friend Jade’s last very cool post, I’ve been thinking about life. Mostly about what makes life worth living, and what I’d like to do with mine!

I’ve always had a bucket list of sorts, mostly locked away in the recesses of my brain (a scary place indeed). Now I think I’d like to delve into it, and start thinking forward!

Obviously my list wouldn’t be exactly like Jade’s – I’m waaaay past 30 and, well, I’m not a geophysicist. Sucks, but there you are.

What would mine include? Hrm.

borrowed from the movie 'The Bucket List'

I’ve been very fortunate in my life, and have traveled to some wonderful places. Still, I love traveling and would dearly love to do more.

I’d love to visit (or re-visit) the following places:

New Zealand
South America – maybe visit my friend Betty!
The Yukon and Alaska, where I’d get to spend some quality time with my long-time friend D!
Japan, China, Thailand – pretty much everywhere in that neck of the woods
Germany again (mostly just to change my opinion of it – my first trip there was dismal)
Italy again – one of my fave places on the planet. Want to bring the kids there some day.
Ireland and return to Scotland (and visit Jade!)

Who am I kidding; I want to see the whole world! Let’s call those my “short list” and move on.

Our [working] vacation earlier this month introduced me to sea kayaking, and folks, I have to say I’m in love! I’m on the prowl for kayaks now, for Hubby, the Teen, and me. Wee One is still too wee for it. Her day will come :) Living in Canada and especially in Ontario means I have access to some of the best rivers and lakes on the planet, and I want to explore them! I can’t think of a better way to bond with my husband and kids than having adventures like that.

The Teen, Kayaking

Down the road when it’s more feasible, I would love to buy some property and have horses. I grew up on horseback out West, and miss riding in a big way.

Of course, then we have Main Street…! We have already done so much this past year and a bit that it’s seriously hard to think about what more to add to it! I would really like to increase our fan base (hint, hint), and do some original songs written just for us… (I already wrote one, but it’s more of a promo song and not a performance one) and maybe put out a CD one of these days! Hey… anything is possible! (By the way, J-B gets home, finally, tonight. Woohoo!! Can’t wait to see him!)

What else…

I’d really like to design and build my dream house. I have some great house plan books and some fabulous ideas that I’d like to implement… I should have been an architect! And what I wouldn’t give to have help as anal retentive detail-oriented as ShaMoo’s hubby Schmenkman! Their basement project is going to be phenomenal if it ever gets done when it’s done!

I’m sure I’ll come up with at least another 3 dozen items to add to this, but for now I think I’d like to hear about YOUR Bucket List. What is it that you dream about, my friends?


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  1. Melissa B. says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba. I know, I can travel there through Canada or Mexico, but I mean travel to Havana via a US airport. I don’t know if I’m interested in finding my innner-Hemmingway, but I really just wanna go…

  2. Thom says:

    Well I see Hawai’i didn’t make the list pffftj I love that photo. If I bought a kayak I would make sure it would have a motor. Have you ever rode a jackass by chance? ROLFMAO!!

    • Jenn says:

      Why, are you offering to carry me on your back, Thom? ;) I’ve been to Hawaii, but perhaps one day I’ll get back there…

  3. I just learnt to kayak on Monday – of course I’m not very good yet, but it was sooooo much fun! :)

    I think you might enjoy reading my “Before 30” list which I started in January. Six-month update here:

    • Jenn says:

      Rachel, I visited and wrote up a big long comment on your blog… only to find out that you don’t have name/url enabled for comments! Poo, sez I !

  4. I too want to travel…EVERYWHERE!
    I have an absolutely huge Bucket List that I am constantly working on.
    Some of the things that I want to do:
    1. Master a new language
    2. Swim with dolphins
    3. Shuck oysters
    4. Dog sled
    5. Hunt for truffles
    6. Go on a safari
    …and so much more!

    good luck with your list!

  5. Betty says:

    Travel is first on my list as well. Unfortunately, it´s something that probably will always stay a dream… But you can always dream right?
    My dream house is second. If I could get one out of two, that would be good. :)

  6. quilly says:

    For years I had a list and no progress was ever made toward making those dreams come true — then Amoeba came along and has fulfilled and exceeded so many of them, I am totally blessed and overwhelmed. I truly don’t know what else to ask for. My life is suddenly a grand adventure and I am enjoying living it as it comes.

  7. Broot says:

    you definitely want to come visit NZ so I can show you around. ;) I will have a think about my bucket list and post it on my blog if it’s any good. ha. ;)

    • Jenn says:

      I would LOVE that! Consider it a date… for some time in the future. Hopefully before we’re too old ;)

  8. ShaMoo says:

    Love this thread :). There are so many things I’d love to do….very long list indeed. Travel is always near the top, as is learning to play a couple of instruments and another language. I’d love to live in a swanky condo in Manhattan for a bit but would also love to spend some time in a sea side cottage on Cape Cod making pottery for fun. Clearly I need to win the lottery… Hmmm, maybe I should buy a ticket someday ;)

  9. Thanks for the comments and link – it’s going to be a busy two and a half years. Some of my list is a bit ambitious but if it was easy it wouldn’t be a challenge.

    I like the idea of a bucket list and do have a draft one but I change and add to it so much more often. I wanted to make a shorter list that I could actually achieve in a few years.

    I’m looking forward to your trip to Scotland when you make it back over here!

    • Jenn says:

      Me too, Jade! I think you will be able to accomplish pretty much everything on your list! It’s ambitious, but you’re up to the task.

  10. I loved seeing the movie, and reading your list is exciting. I think traveling with my family to wonderful places would be on top of my list, too.