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Written By: Jenn - May• 21•09

Yay, Kris won!

Both boys had excellent pipes, but Adam’s creep-factor was just a tad high for my tastes.

Congrats, Kris!

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  1. Saucy says:

    Well Kris still deserved to be there. It was sort of a shallow pool this year. When they dragged out the top ten tonight I was sort of shocked.

    Adam is better suited to some sort of musical theatre production or maybe as of tonight he could tour with Queen, that would be pretty cool. He is not for everyone. I like my rock stars scummy.

  2. Jenn says:

    Saucy – thanks for visiting!

    I’m not big on scummy – I like clean cut but still edgy. Kris has that compelling boy-next-door look that I find appealing. Yep, Adam did an awesome job with both Queen and Kiss, and I am really surprised that he didn’t win. He is definitely the better showman. We haven’t heard the last of him by any means!