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“Sam in my pants”? NO THANK YOU.

Written By: Jenn - Apr• 24•14

By now I’m sure you’ve probably seen the Poise commercial that has a woman – a mother – in a PTA meeting or some such, talking about “Sam”. How “Sam knows how to treat a woman”, and how she has “Sam in her pants right now”. I’m not going to link to that video on my blog – I won’t advertise for them, or play anything so vile on my website.

Haven’t seen it yet? Well, don’t go looking for it on YouTube while your kids are around. Or your parents. Or your husband. Or anyone else for that matter.

While it comes across as a low-budget, low-brow soft porn work up, it’s actually a commercial for LBL, or light bladder leakage. Oh, I’m not kidding.

Trouble is, while LBL is a problem for many, many women, and these products are necessary, what Poise has done to promote it has completely shifted the focus away from the problem, and made it a vulgar poster child of marketing gone very wrong. Truly, the advertising firm they brought in to whip up this tripe should be fired immediately. The brainchild who works for said ad agency should be keel-hauled. Ok, just fire him too. Him? It had to have been a man, frankly, and a young one just out of college at that. No woman of any age, with any semblance of class, would come up with something like that.

Now, I’m no prude, folks. I’ve seen a lot of eyebrow raising things in my day, and it doesn’t tend to bother me. Until you drag kids into it.

Kids, you say? How so? Couple things right off the top of my head:

A. This vulgar woman is sitting in a PTA meeting in a classroom, dripping innuendo.
B. This smut is being shown on family channels, during the day and into the evening. I even saw several comments that they had been aired on Nick Jr. (WHAAAAT??)

We don’t watch trash, TLC, or any sleazy, low class, offensive Honey Boo-Boo-esque crap shows in our house. When our kids are around, we generally watch shows that families should be able to enjoy together. Comedies, HGTV shows, stuff like that. And then this commercial comes on. Instantly, the adults are horrified, and the kids are confused and disgusted. Now that we know it, the TV is immediately muted and/or the channel is changed. You’ve made it so we have to keep the remote control in hand just to avoid having to watch it.

Think that’s going to sell a lot of pads, do you Poise?

You know that old saying; “No publicity is bad publicity”? Total BS. Oh sure, we’re talking about it. Good and loud. But we’re not pushing the brand, folks. We’re outraged, disgusted, and completely offended. That means – let me be clear, here, because you evidently don’t understand what you’ve done – that we won’t be buying your products. Not now, and not in the future. Poise has instantly become synonymous with sleaze.

I went to comment on the Facebook site – and found dozens of other similar complaints. Poise was responding to a lot of them – with a cookie cutter response:

“Hi Jennifer [Wendy, June, Amy, etc. etc.], While we fully respect your feedback, the focus of this commercial is to get people talking about a condition that affects 1 in 3 women, and a topic women typically shy away from. We’re trying to help women address LBL to help open up the conversation to the subject and the best solutions for it. We appreciate you sharing your comments, and will take into consideration for future Poise commercial programs.


“…Thanks so much for your feedback. We’ve traditionally taken a more lighthearted approach to addressing Light Bladder Leakage in our advertisements, which have helped women open up about the common condition. While some may raise an eyebrow on the way we are presenting this information, the truth is, our Super Absorbent Material (SAM) really does help women feel more confident about themselves.”


“…We appreciate your candid feedback. We intended for this commercial to be seen and interpreted by mature women who might experience Light Bladder Leakage. We purposefully placed this ad on networks aimed at adults. We regret that your child walked away with an understanding that was never our intent. Our research shows that most women are receptive to messages that take a lighthearted approach to Light Bladder Leakage, but we realize that not all women may have the same opinion with regards to this intimate topic. Again, thank you for sharing. We hear you and are keeping your feedback in mind for future.”

Ok… “Lighthearted”? Fail.

“Mature women”? Well, if you mean “older” women, maybe, but any older lady I know, any lady with maturity will not appreciate this offensive commercial. Also, since when is Nick Jr. a network aimed at mature adults?

Past all of that – the message is supposed to be about LBL. That is entirely lost due to the tack taken by Poise. This is a subject that women actually DO talk about. It’s a fact of life for a lot of people, and it’s not something anyone needs to be ashamed about, or avoid talking about. They didn’t need to go this route to sell their product. As far as I know there are really only 2 companies out there that sell stuff for LBL anyway – Tena and Poise. I suggest buying Tena from now on, if you’re in the market.

What a shame this previously upstanding company has resorted to the lowest possible tactic to garner attention. Offensive and disturbing on so many levels.

Edit: This post is garnering a lot of attention, but Kimberly Clark/Poise still think, for some reason, that this commercial is a hit, and people find it “overwhelmingly” acceptable. If you don’t, please voice your concern! Write to Kimberly Clark, write about it on Facebook, visit their Facebook site (you can comment without liking their page), and if you have a blog, write about it there, too. And leave me your comments, because I want to hear what you think! –Jenn


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  1. Sanora says:

    I saw the commercial just this morning and searched for any comments on the ad and found your blog. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. In fact I thought it was part of an episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” a show that is big with the male demographic. I can’t, for the life of me, guess who they really thought they were aiming the ad at because as soon as I saw the product in her hand, I thought it was a panty liner for a woman’s period, not something for bladder leakage LOL

  2. quilly says:

    I just saw the commercial for the first time and was thoroughly appalled. Unfortunately, I also found an advertising website that talks about what a brilliant marketing concept it is, how requests for free samples has skyrocketed, and that the comments they’re receiving are overwhelmingly positive (10-1).

    • Jenn says:

      Just goes to show that marketers have taken a turn for the worst, and no longer recognize quality when they see it. Or something completely lacking in quality. They love to pat themselves on the back, and completely ignore the true demographic. I have no doubt that some women actually would find this commercial hilarious. In my opinion, those women are only slightly post-pubescent, lacking in taste, and/or seriously short on class.

    • Jenn says:

      Also, of course the free sample requests have skyrocketed. Key word: FREE. That doesn’t mean people will ever buy the product, or support this commercial. It only means they want to get something for free.

    • diana oneal says:

      This is so disgusting.. and has really turned me against their products. How stupid do they think women are, like we sit around and talk like that.

  3. Rachel Cooley says:

    I too find this demeaning, and offensive. You can go to (one million moms link removed by blog owner) and voice your concern.

    • Jenn says:

      Rachel, thanks for commenting. While I despise this Poise commercial, I like “One Million Moms” even less. They are a vile, vile group of prejudiced, misguided, nasty people. (And incidentally, nowhere near “one million” in numbers.)

  4. Desirae says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! I am so annoyed and glad that it seems to have gone over my kids’ heads. Entirely NOT cool.

  5. The Real Cie says:

    I’m so glad I gave TV the boot years ago. I have no idea what “Sam” is. I do know that I’m a woman of a certain age who does not feel ashamed to talk about certain issues, including stress incontinence. I have it. I use pads for it (Tena, as it happens. They’re less expensive than Poise and work just as well.)
    Incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of. It can happen for many reasons. For the majority of women it happens because of pelvic floor insufficiency, repeated urinary tract infections, and/or damage to the urethra. I have had many jobs where I had to “hold my water” for long periods of time, and it eventually caused enough damage that I developed stress incontinence. Having diabetes doesn’t help.
    To any rate, incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of, but it isn’t sexy. This is like those idiots who made those damn “Have a happy period Always” ads. Periods are not “happy.” Even women who don’t have very bad periods (like I do) are not thrilled with periods. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it isn’t cute or sexy.
    People in marketing: sometimes I feel like taking them all out back and horsewhipping them.

  6. Sally says:

    I have seen this commercial several times. It is offensive for a variety of reasons beginning with the sheer vulgarity of the content. Almost as off putting is the cutesy clever way it sets out to trick women into being intrigued by it. Blah! As a mature woman and part of the demographic this commercial is aimed at, I’m too grossed out and too annoyed to even think about buying this brand. Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve gone online looking for a venue to complain about a commercial.

  7. J. Whitson says:

    I think that is the most disgusting commercial I have ever seen. Do they have no respect for young women who see that commercial? It should be taken off TV!

    • diana oneal says:

      I totally agree with you, it shows so little respect for women.

    • Tamara says:

      Agreed, there are a lot of distasteful commercials, but this has definitely gone too far. It’s insulting and offensive, and I am no prude. If I were in need of this product, I would definitely choose a different brand.

  8. beebee says:

    Every time I turn around I am hearing this dumb stupid commercial and I am so fed up with hearing it. This commercial was done in poor taste with it’s trashy innuendo message and I do not find it amusing at all. I have never bought any poise products and because of this dumb presentation I will not buy their product. No doubt someone with an immature low class trashy mind would be amused by this commercial and if it is presented to them in a smutty trashy way they will just eat it up and think it is cute and funny. It is not funny cute or amusing. I find it to be repulsive and disgusting.

  9. Deb Maze says:

    I too find this ad disgusting. I don’t consider myself a prude but today I saw it again and have just reached my limit. It is vulgar, not funny, not hip or “cool”. I wrote on their FB page and got the same reply you did. I won’t buy this product if I ever do need it. In fact, I seriously am thinking of never buying Kimberly Clark again.

  10. dena says:

    I am disgusted by this nasty commercial!! Very UNladylike and embarrassing! What are these people thinking? Makes me want to completely avoid anything POISE.

  11. Carol says:

    Yes! I think this commercial was written by a man, a young man who also watched too much porn or HBO. OR a woman who thinks that we’re all wanting a man in our pants because SHE watches too much porn or HBO and is brainwashed. Honestly, what’s happening to us and the way we think of ourselves. We should be showing people how to be really respectable and classy when talking about this problem, not making it look like we’re watching a porn. Common guys, we’ve got to change how women are perceived – lets keep sex in the bedroom. “What would Jesus do?”…or if you don’t understand that, then… “What would Beyonce do?” – certainly not talk like this – she’s got class!

  12. Paul Damascus says:

    thank god there are still some females who don’t want to be represented as hos. These commercials are raising the next generation of sex offenders, who will be able to much easier be able to objectify people, especially women. This is by no means what women’s lib should be about. im finding it more and more difficult to tell the difference between a tv ho, and the ho who stands on a corner, in fact im beginning to think its just a dollar amount that separates the 2 . . (give a tv ho enough money and she WILL . . .cross the line straight into prostitute. What stumps me is this, where are the concerned females and parents . . .if they really cared, these commercials wouldn’t be allowed to exist . .. its that simple . .. now back to watching the LIQUID PLUMR” commercial that tells me a 3 way with 2 men and a female to unclog her hole, is the best way to sell product

    • Jenn says:

      Wow! I think we’ve been spared that Liquid Plumr commercial in Canada, Paul! I’m thankful! And thanks for commenting – nice to hear from a guy’s perspective.

  13. Kel says:

    I completely agree, but clearly the company thinks this is appropriate and “light hearted”. However, there is a rule for “POST 9pm” advertising. It includes rules for violence, blood, sexual innuendos etc. It essentially is a programming rule that these advertisements may not run before 9pm. I have seen this at 11 am, 5pm, on W and on my kids channel. We need to complain to the CRTC to let them know that the creative is inappropriate. complain to the stations running it (but they want the money…but lawfully have to comply). Use our voices and “get it gone”!!!

  14. Shirley says:

    I agree that this commercial is so offensive I can’t bear to listen to it when it airs. And I wonder if the people at POISE have noticed that no one is talking about “the problem of bladder leakage”. Which they say was their purpose. We are talking about the commercial which is a perfect example of BAD TASTE

  15. Rosemarie says:

    You can also call 1-877-947-6473 to complain.

  16. Jenn says:

    My blog shuts off comments 30 days after publishing – because people are still trying to comment on this, I’ve turned them back on for this post.

  17. Edlira says:

    Seriously, you just take out a pad in public like it’s nothing? I cannot believe this ad is still on. Take it off already and fire the person who approved it.

  18. Stacy says:

    Poise pads, liners, and guards are great, but the commercial is extremely awkward. Best to keep it off of television.

  19. Janet says:

    Thank you! This is a disgusting ad for women at any age! It needs to be removed!

  20. Michelyne Pleau says:

    This is so offensive this company can forget about me buying any of their products.

  21. Nancy says:

    This is a trashy, disgusting attempt to get business. Not mine!! Hope I can make sure I never buy any of their products again.

  22. Lisa Kinakin says:

    I think this is the most ridiculous commmercial I have ever seen, just sooo stupid.I will not buy any of the poise products. Not funny.

  23. Aimee says:

    I HATE this disgusting commercial! I wrote to Poise about it and they have me the same old lines about “lighthearted” etc…
    It’s wrong, gross, unnecessary, disgusting, offensive, uncomfortable and dirty. I will NEVER buy Poise products EVER! My husband hates this commercial too! I just saw it come on tv at 4:30 in the afternoon and my sister got so angry about it too! The content and “subtle” sex talk in this ad make me sick

  24. Arlene says:

    Please get rid of this ad,it is so very crude

  25. r oster says:

    This could be the best product on the market but I will never use it…Your SAM commercial is so insulting to women…it is belittling to your sad..I hope someone who cares about the product and the women who need to use a product like and will see to it that we are not subjected to this commercial even one more time…please care…

  26. Ann says:

    I just saw this commercial for the first time and I could not believe how utterly disgusting it was. C’mon you boneheads in advertising use your brains if you have any and start giving us something intelligent to listen to for a change. Who do you think your talking to with this suggestive crap anyway!? What the heck are you getting paid for. You totally failed as far as I and many other of us so called mature women are concerned! So grow up and remember the demographic you are aiming for is not the least bit amused.
    As for Kimberly Clark the makers of Poise, you just lost my business due to your sheer lack of respect for us “mature” women and for airing such blatant trash. Give us a break!

  27. Sharon says:

    The poise commercial with “sam in my pants” is totally irresponsible and is a very sleezy commercial. It certainly doesn’t make me want to buy poise. Watching that commercial with a young child is embarrassing. It makes me want to boycott the manufacturer and to spread the word. Shame on Kimberly Clark! We do have a voice people….don’t buy poise or any Kimberly Clark product. Give them a message “loud and clear”. What were they thinking when they approved that commercial!!!

  28. Nancy Fry says:

    I sent an independent complaint to them about how offensive their ad is they sent me an email saying they are seeking a softer, younger way to reach other women. This is the third time I have wanted to comment about how offensive their ad is. I looked at Facebook but because I don’t imbibe much on that was not sure how to make my point without having to ‘like’ the page. I told them the ‘sam is in my pants’ commercial was offensive, it also looked like it held ‘what?’ 1 Tablespoon of liquid. In my experience, giving a good hard laugh will produce more than that and it isn’t from 20 something girls. I Just Can’t Express the Amount of Offensiveness I saw in this commercial. I ACTUALLY Could Not Believe My EYES, it was so offensive and I am not a prude by any means.
    I think all advertising should be Void of sexual inuendos as it ruins the commercials message. Kind of like the new French’s mustard message is GREAT until the girl licks that smear of mustard from her lip. UNCALLED FOR SEXUAL inuendo. Great Commercial hate the last 10 seconds which says, ‘here let me lick his dink along with the mustard”. WE DON”T NEED THIS IN ADVERTISING.