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Coca Cola – Strike Action

Written By: Jenn - Jun• 28•13

I don’t normally do posts like this, but this one is important.

You see, the Hubby works for Coca Cola in Brampton, Ontario. They went on strike as of Midnight, Wednesday. coke

Coca Cola (by the way, it’s important to note that the Canadian Coca Cola Bottling Co. was overtaken by the American Coca Cola company recently) would have the public believe that the workers are being unreasonable, and that THEY walked away. The truth is that the union wanted to continue talks, and the COMPANY left hours before the deadline, and didn’t come back. Workers were kicked out of the plant at 9pm, Techs had to have their vehicles back by 10pm, and the company erected a fence around the perimeter of the plant in anticipation of strike action. Had they really wanted to continue talks and reach a fair resolution, NONE of that would have happened.

The company is not budging on all of the things they are *trying to take away* from their workers. The workers aren’t even asking for pay hikes; they’re simply trying to keep what they’ve already got in the way of fair benefits and their pension, and to keep jobs that Coke would rather have outsourced.

Coca Cola in the US made $48BILLION last year. Coca Cola in Canada (from what I can find online) made $12.34BILLION. And they want to cut pensions and benefits to the very people who have made them successful.

This affects my family. This affects the quality of the products you currently enjoy in Ontario and Manitoba. This affects McDonalds, Wendys, and countless other eating establishments and venues.

Please; If you see these guys picketing – SUPPORT THEM.

P.S. I’m seeing a lot of traffic on this post from Atlanta, Georgia, where Coca Cola has their U.S. headquarters. Folks, clearly you have a vested interest in this action. Are you really just thinking about the bottom line, or do you genuinely care about the people who work for you, and have made you what you are? I’m afraid I know the answer to that. Prove me wrong.

P.P.S. I’m also Tweeting as @YouKnowThatBlog – look for #cokestrike tags and join in. Please keep it truthful and clean.


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  1. Ted says:

    I’m from the Barrie Plant and I am in total agreement with the Brampton Guys and why they are on Strike too Im thank full they are standing up as one because I know in the next few years are contract is coming up and I can see the company trying to take are stuff away too and we are near the bottom of the pay change too we don’t get the highest pay and if they take are benefits away or cut them that would make it a bad place to work Way to go Brampton Guys keep up the Fight

    • Jenn says:

      Exactly, Ted. This is only the first in the set of dominoes. They will be coming after you, Hamilton, London, Kingston, etc. next. Standing together is the ONLY thing you guys can do. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Debra Mc says:

    I am a direct beneficiary of Coca-Cola. My father supported his family (put in nearly 30 years), my husband supported/s his family (almost 3o years, too). My young son, is a temp. Coke has been very good to us over the years. Providing benefits and compensation for a good days work. However, over the years, there have been changes. Change is inevitable, this I accept. What I can’t accept are false stories generated by one of the biggest corporations in the world. Just keep talking, don’t walk away…

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks, Debra. None of us wanted this – to be on strike brings hardships on everyone. But they can’t just accept having so much taken away from them either. I guess we’ll find out if Coke really is a good company or not. Fingers crossed both sides can come to a resolution all can live with. SOON.

  3. Bob says:

    You know thanks for posting this. I feel like we don’t have a voice and that the company has all the power. I hope people read what your saying and get interested. It will keep coke honest anyway. We can’t afford to be out of work very long but my wife said she will work 2 jobs if we are because this is to important. Our futures are on the line here. Coke was always a good place to be until recently and now who knows what the future holds for us. Scary. Thanks again for posting this. I will pass it on to my coworkers.

    • Jenn says:

      They do have a lot of power, but I’m sure they realize that their workforce is what has made them so powerful. We don’t wish any harm to the company – my husband has always been proud to work for Coca Cola, and I am a firm supporter of the company as well. But like any huge corporation there is the potential for greed and disregard for the people who got them where they are. They try to portray a family, health, and community-supportive image – dealing fairly with their workforce is certainly one way they can continue that.

  4. Ted says:

    So any good news yet have they even talk the 2 sides I haven seen much online or in the news I know the Barrie plant was getting 1 truck out and 1 In every 2 hours yester and the inside guys sat around watching lol

    • Jenn says:

      Haven’t heard a thing, Ted… I don’t know if they’re even talking at this point. I have a feeling this could be a long one. Hope I’m wrong.

  5. Nathan B says:

    My dad is a driver for the Brampton plant. He keeps telling us all he wants to do is work. He doesn’t want anything more than what he already has. I too also heard that Coca-Cola walked employees out by 9pm on wednesday, but countless statements have been released to make workers look as if they are in the wrong. I too share the frustration.

  6. Z says:

    I’m a Brampton employee, and currently volunteering to be on the picket line at Barrie covering the overnight shift.

    First off, I’d like to very gratefully thank Ted for taking the time to post on here and on 680 news. It doesn’t go un-noticed. Many of your crew say hi to us and show support, and I wanted to tell you every single one of us appreciate it, and we’ll stand with you shoulder to shoulder when they come after you. And I say when and not if, because it’s absolutely guaranteed. I should also mention that some local businesses have been amazing to us with coffee and pizza donations and show of support. We stay very quiet and don’t interfere with traffic at all, yet these guys have noticed, and took the time to come over and shake our hands. We’re truly humbled.

    Secondly, thank you Jenn for posting this. I have always spoken very highly of Coca Cola and supported their good corporate image fully. I deal with customers on daily basis, and I never took it lightly that I am the actual face of Coca Cola, so customer service to me has always been a priority.

    Until recently, Coca Cola was a very good place to work, and no one in their hearts took it for granted. We’re all very happy when we see the immense profits Coca Cola posts every year. Many of us are still shocked at not only how hard and fast Coke is coming after our jugular, but how they’re spinning words in the media to make us look like a bunch of over paid yahoos that don’t want to negotiate. They call a lockout a strike, and are trying very hard to paint us in a bad light? Is it current management, or has corporate policy changed so dramatically?

    I’m sure Coca Cola’s head office is keeping an eye on this, and very rightfully are concerned with their public image, and I know in their hearts they know taking away our pension and benefits while posting record breaking profits year after year from our hard work is unbelievably wrong, so I remain optimistic they’ll do the right thing and return to the table with more reasonable demands and allow us to go back to the jobs we love.

    To everyone else. Thank you so very much for your support,. You’re making the long dark nights a better place.

    • Jenn says:

      Well said, Z. I know Coke is watching this post too. I’m not here to cause trouble, but to make sure the TRUTH is told. I think it was incredibly wrong of their spokeswoman to tell the press that it was the union’s choice to walk away, rather than what actually happened; Coke walked away, and prepared for the strike several hours before the deadline.

      I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that local businesses are behind you!! I wouldn’t expect it to be otherwise; they have families to look after too. They get it.

      Stay safe on the picket line, you guys. You’re not alone.

  7. Jenn says:

    By the way, Guys, I’m also Tweeting as @YouKnowThatBlog – look for #cokestrike tags and join in. Please keep it truthful and clean.

  8. john a. says:

    I work at the Brampton facility and was surprised to read that management told the Brampton Gaurdian that we walked off the job and the strike was totally unnecessary.
    Truth is since I was there, They escorted all union members off the property by 6 that evening and locked us out before midnight.
    They did pay workers their wage for that day but had us fenced out long before our deadline.
    The company’s negotiators said they were going for lunch at 300pm that afternoon and never came back.
    Tough to negotiate when the company walks away.

    • Jenn says:

      Sure is, John.

      • Ange says:

        Hey Jenn, thanks for the blog and posting the truth about what’s REALLY happening and why this strike is taking place. My husband is a 20+ year driver, who at this moment is picketing outside the Kingston plant, along with the many others posted throughout Ontario. Like you mentioned, they are not asking for anything, just wanting to keep what they’ve been working their butts off for since the last contract! The morale in this Company has taken a turn for the worse since the move from Thorncliffe, but nobody knows that outside the Company, Coke has an image to uphold, I guess.

        • Jenn says:

          Hope your husband had a safe trip to (and later from) Kingston, Ange. Glad to see you here!

  9. Z says:

    Hi again. Just did another great shift at the Barrie line, and after a little snooze, I’ll try to figure out the workings of twitter and join the discussion there.

    In the meantime I wanted to share yet more of our humbling experiences with the great people of Barrie. I hope it’s OK, but I really wanted to mention the kindness of local businesses and residences we’ve experienced so far.

    – Friday we received pizza from Little Caesars on 237 Mapleview drive east. And we also got Coffee courtesy of a GoTransit employee.
    – Saturday we had a gentlemen stop by and give us a gift card to a local coffee shop, he didn’t leave his name, but said he was retired and he really wanted to show his support. We also received a bagful of very tasty sweets from Panera Bread located at 149 Park Place Boulevard in Barrie.

    We continue to receive lots of waves and honks from passing motorists, and we also would like to acknowledge the courtesy and patience shown to us from Can Save supply and distribution.

    From second hand accounts, I have heard local residents at other locations have come over with water and have offered their homes to anyone who would like a shower and might need to recharge their phones.

    As I have said, we are all collectively very humbled and grateful with everyone’s generosity and kind words. It’s getting clearer to us that our dearly valued customers aren’t buying misinformation being spread by PR professionals. And I attribute this to what I said earlier, we are the face of Coca Cola. We have and will continue to cherish our valued customers.

    Thank you very much from all of us.

    • Jenn says:

      Awesome, Z! Thanks for sharing the details on those businesses and individuals who have been so wonderful. You’re right; we ALL value the customers of Coca Cola.

      By the way, I have a new post up: and I’m watching the Twitter feed closely. It’s no surprise that Coke isn’t caring one way or the other if this is resolved any time soon. Sad, though, since this will not only affect 700 employees and their spouses and children, butcountless businesses and customers when product does finally run out and machines break down.

      Stay strong.

      • Z says:

        Jenn, I think I have twitter figured out, and soon I’ll be updating on more regular basis, and I’ll start posting pictures of the people’s generosity with us.

        I am also getting emails from multiple sources showing empty shelves at various stores and warehouses, and as a former driver and now a service technician, I know and feel the pain of our dear customers, and ultimately our consumers.

        I have no doubt the company will blame us, but hopefully the message will get out so everyone knows, we love our jobs, we want back to work, we want to interact and deal with our customers again. We have scrapped our long weekend plans and are waiting here to negotiate and end this. Where are the company execs? Oh that’s right, they checked out of the hotel and said they’re off for the long weekend. Happy Canada day.

        • Jenn says:

          Z; I noticed you on Twitter! Hey, I’ll be happy to post pictures here and on Facebook if you send me some.

  10. Drinking water says:

    Hear the same from Brampton.Even the police are on-side. Reading on the web, it seems that in the past 6 months to a year there have been strikes against Coca-Cola all over the world. Connecticut, Philly, Philippines, Venezuela, Saskatoon….the list goes on. This must be a systematic approach by the company to screw over their employees, this from a company who can spend virtually peanuts on advertising. Open happiness, ya right! The company has been seen training managers to drive for months now and with a barricade up well before midnight and walking out their employees early in the evening, it would seem that they have had this plan going in all along. I guess the company’s negotiators are enjoying their long weekend, not coming to the table at all. Well, they better tuck themselves in for the long haul….I can’t see this ending any time soon. Stay strong members. Have to do what’s right for the future of the employees.

  11. Gail says:

    Thanks Jen for your blog. My husband has been with coca cola for 26 years and also works for the Brampton plant. He was on vacation when the strike or should I say lockout took place. He has been picketing at Weston since then. The union members need to stay strong and united and fight for what they believe.

  12. Ted says:

    Z Us from Barrie are very nice people I have been In Barrie all my life so it does not shock me to hear what people are doing for u and the rest of the guys and I know us guys in the Barrie Plant also want to thank u guys from Brampton for standing up for what is right and not backing down from the company!!

    • Z says:

      Ted, I promise you, we have a very dedicated group of guys at your place. We will remain peaceful, legal, and cooperative, and more importantly very grateful for you guys and the people of Barrie. BUT, we are not going away, unlike the Coca Cola bargaining team that’s nowhere to be found.

      Thanks again.

  13. Fred B says:

    I am a 35yr employee at the Brampton plant and I think the public should be aware of the unskilled people driving coke trucks in the GTA during the strike. I watched these management employees train for their AZ license over the last couple of months on single axle tractors attached to empty trailers. They are now hauling loads that can weigh up to 35,000 to 52,000 kgs(not pounds). How prepared do you think these so called drivers are? If you see a coke truck in the gta during the strike, stay as far away as possible and do not pull in front of them since none of them perform a proper circle check for the braking system and there are no mechanics on site to fix anything. Thanks for being a voice for us working stiffs!

    • Jenn says:

      I hadn’t thought of that. Rather scary thought, actually. Did they all GET their AZ licenses after the training?

      The mechanics generally work full-tilt trying to keep Coke vehicles in safe running order… can only imagine the kind of things that will be happening on the roads in the coming days (or weeks).

      • Z says:

        Yes, this is quite the concern,and we all fear but pray no accidents and no harm comes from this.

        Maybe Coca Cola will then be concerned with their image and come back from their vacation to the bargaining table?

  14. George B. says:

    Thanks, I’ll have a glass of TAP WATER, thank you!

  15. Benedict says:

    Just passed the downtown Toronto Coke HQ strike line this morning. Keep up the pressure! Great work. Cars are honking and huge cheers are going up. If they’re going to make billions off sugar water, the least they can do is have good labour practices!

  16. Gillian says:

    Hi there, My husband works in the warehouse at the Kingston plant – the only one that is not unionized. He has been told for over a year now that full time is coming, and we have been keeping our hopes up since a few full-timers have left since he started there. But nothing. He loves his job, but being part time with minimum pay, no benefits, and 30 hours a week is just not cutting it. We fully support the workers on strike in Brampton, and know that fulltime work is one of the things they are fighting for. All he wants to do is get back to work and get paid for it. Today is the first day the plant is actually closed due to the strike. Hopefully this doesn’t last too long. Maybe if it was in the news more. No one in Kingston seems to know about the strike, and there are very few articles online. I am thinking that following your blog is going to keep me more up to date than the media. :) Thanks for posting.

    • Jenn says:

      Gillian, so sorry your family is affected by the lock out here in Brampton, but THANK YOU for understanding and supporting our guys. I sincerely hope that the outcome will directly benefit your husband’s ability to get on full time. Unions are often misunderstood (and not all are as good and decent as these guys at the CAW either) but given what you just said about poor pay, no benefits, and no certainty for a future… it kind of drives home how much we need them to fight for us. Please share the blog post and facebook pages with your friends and local people so they know the REAL story.

  17. lynn says:

    Just want to say Thank you Jenn for posting this…My husband is an employee at Brampton,and I am truly sick of Coca-cola and what they are trying to pull. I think its time for all of us who have a spouse or child or friend or family member who works at coke to get out there as well and walk these picket lines where ever we are needed. Including downtown on King street at the head office.Its time Coke realizes it may be 700 people on strike but thousands of people whom they are affecting.

    • Jenn says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing, Lynn. Before we do that, just make sure everyone you know gets a link to the blog posts (a third one coming shortly) and the Facebook page. We can fight the good fight online, too. We’ll end up reaching more people that way.

      • lynn says:

        I have been coping and pasting all info on facebook….yes i agree we can fight a good fight online as well and reach alot of people. But as well think its great to show all 700 that they have alot of support.

  18. Supporter says:

    My husband has been with Coke for 17 years, we have noticed so many changes over the past few years. This by far is the most disheartening! The lies that are being told and the lack of coverage is very disappointing. I can not believe how many people have no idea this is going on. I can’t picket with these guys as I have to do what I can to keep money coming, however I have been spreading the word through facebook and when I am out and about I tell as many people as I can. It seems to me that Coke is more concerned about keeping their reputation clean then taking care of the very employees that make everything possible! I hope to see it end soon, but I can assure you that this has now left a permanent distaste in my mouth. I will never look at Coca Cola the same way:(

    • Jenn says:

      Supporter; we thank you for that. Not everyone can risk it all to walk the picket lines with our guys, and we get that. Completely. Passing the truth along and making sure word gets around is a truly excellent way to do your part. Much appreciated!

  19. A.P. says:

    Can’t find anything on CBC about todays activities at Coke H.Q. did they get to them too!!!!

  20. Ted says:

    All I can say is today in Barrie It was messed up having drivers go out so late in the day and then some drive telling me that the customers are getting pissed off that they need there stuff last week and they are now sending it back im not sure why we are sending out stuff from last week the holiday is over but I guess the $$$$ is all that matters to the high up Management in the company. I do know they don’t want to give it to the employees because if they did we would not have Brampton on Strike
    So Guys keep up the good work guys from Barrie Are behind you all the way and Shame on You Coke Higher Up Management Profit is not all you should try to keep employees Happy and things will be better off and maybe that will bring in more $$$$$

  21. Chris says:

    I’m no lawyer by any means but I found this online today regarding replacement workersProhibition relating to replacement workers

    (2.1) No employer or person acting on behalf of an employer shall use, for the demonstrated purpose of undermining a trade union’s representational capacity rather than the pursuit of legitimate bargaining objectives, the services of a person who was not an employee in the bargaining unit on the date on which notice to bargain collectively was given and was hired or assigned after that date to perform all or part of the duties of an employee in the bargaining unit on strike or locked out.
    Seems pretty straight forward to me and cokes use of 3PL to deliver straight to store is breaking the law

    • LW says:

      The company is not breaking the law….the legislation you cite is from the Canada Labour Code which doesn’t apply to Coke, as they are provincially regulated. Better to get the facts correct first before you start to post publicly.

    • Jenn says:

      Was a good thought though, Chris. Keep digging.

  22. M**** says:

    Thank you for reading and thank you for posting. Yes, I agree with the previousj comments that this company used to be good to work for. Unfortunately this is not the case anymore. I have been on the strike lines since we got locked out and I think it is disgusting what the company is doing to us while trying to keep their corporate image clean. Nowadays this the norm for corporations with their manufactured PR statements and multimillion bonuses for their CEOs, so I am not surprised. However, what these decision-makers do not realize is that they are causing irreparable damage as well as irreversible attitude change in the work force. This lock out will end sooner or later. It’s been only 7 days but I can tell you that this was enough to change the attitude of all of the picketers that I talked to so far. In the long run this company is going to lose a lot more money than they expected by how they chose to bargain with us. How long before the suits from Atlanta realize that the Brampton management team lost control?

    • Jenn says:

      I think this is all about control, Mariusz, and it’s likely that Brampton Management is barely involved at this point. The big boys from Atlanta are the puppet masters here, and they have experience with this because it has happened in the states over and over, and they’ve learned and developed strategies to deal with it.

      Coca Cola won’t be hurt by this; people are addicted to their product. This is a momentary blip. Most people aren’t even aware of the lock out because Coke is sneaking the product that they’ve stockpiled – in anticipation of locking workers out and waiting for them to crack – out to customers to minimize any disruption and blight on their corporate image. This was orchestrated very well. They know what they’re doing. People have a short memory span in cases like this, and they know it. Disgusting? Yes. Smart? Sure. Ethical? Well… they don’t need to be when they have all the money.

      • Drinking water says:

        Well said, Jenn! But Mariusz is right. Morale has been horrible for the past few years, particularly with the arrival of Mr. Pickering. Once, this is all over, it won’t get better. These hard workers have been getting screwed for quite a while now, including the guys that came over from Thorncliffe. This has been a calculated plan for years now and is all about Union busting.

  23. Supporter says:

    Chris good job, it’s sad that you guys need to look into your legal rights. In my opinion Coke should be looking into their ethical practice.
    Ethics- also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. The term comes from the Greek word ethos, which means “character”. Ethics seeks to resolve questions dealing with human morality-concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime.
    Coke should be asking themselves is this the best way to thank the very employees that have made it possible for them to earn their reported 9.1 billions last year. In reality what are the workers really asking for other then to ensure they can continue to help Coke with their profits by keeping their jobs and to ensure while they are working that they are safe?
    LM although you may think Coke is not breaking any laws, they are most definitely breaking a bond that they should have with their employees, I can assure you that the very workers that use to come in and take their jobs seriously will now be coming to punch the clock pass the time and go home!

  24. Brian says:

    Lets set this record Straight! When I was on duty wednesday I started at 6:00 pm. I started by picking the tractor and trailer and headed to the Dominion plant with full goods. I got to the dock at 8:15. The load was done. Then I got a called from the company to RETURN to the plant at 9:00 pm. “you must leave the plant by 10:00 pm”. They had fenced the plant along the city lines. THIS I CALL A LOCK OUT BY THE COMPANY OF COCA-COLA LTD.

  25. Call Centre Runt says:

    I’m 100% behind our drivers, I go by to honk my horn in support. I work in the call centre, we tried for unionization but that got shot down. Keep striking, keep fighting, because you’ll end up like the call centre if you don’t…disposable.

  26. M****** says:

    I took a trip to the local retailers this morning. No Frills shelves are wiped. The floor displays where skids full of pop once were are occupied by empty spots and pepsi product. Food Basics seems to have enough flavours that don’t matter such as club soda. Shoppers Drugmart is giving away rainchecks and the corner, convenience store has not seen a delivery in almost 2 weeks. Keep up the good work brothers and sisters. See you all at the picket lines.

  27. Bert says:

    It would be nice to have the CAW remind places like Walmart or Cosco we have long memories & will not shop at any stores that failed to support our legal work action. We all have the choice to do business with whomever. We are a large family & add the word of mouth to friends & neighbors. I’d like to know how far in advance did they have to arrange that fence installation?

    • Drinking water says:

      Costco are a#%#holes to deliver to at the best of times, Most Walmarts too!

  28. Ted says:

    So In Barrie One of are Managers is trying to tell us the guys from Brampton are trying to take are jobs from Barrie that is why they are striking out in front of the Barrie plant. He’s trying to get the works are up in arms I guess and I do know there is a bunch that want to shift from UFCW to CAW but he’s trying to tell us if we do that then guys from Brampton can come in and bump us from are jobs so if a few guys are testy with u guys on the line I’m sorry but those guys believe what this manager says

    • Drinking water says:

      In fact, the separate seniority lists they are pushing for would prevent anyone from bumping anyone. With the concessions the company wants, your seniority will mean next to nothing. That’s why we can’t allow this.

  29. Ted says:

    So In Barrie Plant One of are Managers is trying to tell us the guys from Brampton are trying to take are jobs from Barrie that is why they are striking out in front of the Barrie plant. He’s trying to get the works are up in arms I guess and I do know there is a bunch that want to shift from UFCW to CAW but he’s trying to tell us if we do that then guys from Brampton can come in and bump us from are jobs so if a few guys are testy with u guys on the line I’m sorry but those guys believe what this manager says

    • Z says:

      Wow, what a shame when someone stoops to that level Ted. I’d personally say that’s a sign of fear from a manger.

      We’ll take the high road and thank you guys once again for your support. None of us want to be out here, and none of us expected to be out here like this. Yet Coke’s PR keeps mentioning they have been extensively planning for this for many months.

    • Debra says:

      divide and conquer!
      why not turn the employees against one another?
      it will weaken the group as a whole…

      • Jenn says:

        I’m sure that by running this lockout for 4 weeks or so it is their intention to have us turn on each other, Debra. This is why it’s so important to keep cool heads. Keep it calm, keep it truthful. Keep it GOING.

  30. heather says:

    Coke you are taking food out of our kids mouths and the roof from over their heads. How the hell can you do this to families. This is wrong and the people that are working for you doing the deliveries should be ashamed of themselves. How would they like it if this was done to their families?

  31. Esther says:

    Hey Jenn, thanks for starting this, a lot of people out there really do not know what is going on, this way they can be updated on what’s really is truthful. My fiance has put in 15 years with Coca Cola and like the rest of the workers work extremely hard, so trying to take away benefits and pension is just not acceptable especially for a company who make billions? Come on Coca Cola..they are prepared to pay thousands to other companies for drivers to continue to have their products going on while the strike is going on instead of putting that money towards their own employees. OMG they cannot be that stupid.

  32. Debra says:

    so, folks are believing that McD’s isn’t getting their Coca Cola products. This evening our eldest daughter called from McD’s outside of Toronto. A Fluke truck was unloading syrup boxes (usually delivered by Martin Brower) to a Ford Escape. Despite the workers’ best efforts to stop supply, product is still getting through. My guy and some of his co-workers were asked to leave Wal-Mart, then they headed to a local No Frills. Everyone they approached was unaware of the lock out/strike. Keep up the good work guys and girls…

  33. DW says:

    Im a customer (consumer of coke products). This past weekend I went shopping for my weekly supply of coke. Much to my shagrin the cupboards where bare at Metro, Food Basic, Walmart, Freshco & No Frills of the Bottled Coke. No one new why until I cornered a weekend student who advised us of the strike. These outlets should be posting a sign advising the consumer. Im behind the workers and a reminder If you check the job boards there are hundreds of A+ driver jobs available. Im sure you wont go without work.

    DW from Ajax.

  34. Supporter says:

    I am in a tough spot, I have a brother who has been employed part time with Coke for 2 years who is not union and he has no choice but to work where and when they tell him. But I am supporting my husband who has been so committed to the strike and has been working so hard to get the word out! Coke is now not only making things difficult for us at home, but now they are messing with my entire family!!! They better move their asses and get a fair deal on the table! This situation continues to get harder and harder everyday.
    I also have to add that every chance I get when I see a customer purchasing coke product I approach them asking if they are aware of the Strike/lockout occurring, of course they say no but as soon as I fill them in the Coke product goes right back! It is nice to see how many Canadians are willing to support a good fight!

  35. Ted says:

    hey was wondering what’s going on all the guys from out front at the Barrie plant have gone ? LOL did they win ?
    or got a good deal?

    • Z says:

      Ted, we have a tentative deal on the table to be voted on tomorrow. As a sign of good faith, we’ve been asked to pull out of all plants except Brampton.

      Our spirits are very high, and everyone is very proud of how we stuck together and actually got stronger and more united with time. We’ll find out all the details tomorrow, but everyone is looking forward to going back to work and taking care of our customers.

      I hope, in the long run, we have helped you guys as well. If not, we’ll certainly be there for you. We had a tonne of help and support from many individuals and organizations, and their help has left quite an impression on us.

      Cheers for now.