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Drat, drat, drat!!

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 22•11

Drat, drat and DOUBLE DRAT!! Sorry for posting a way-in-advance haiku earlier! Don’t read it!!! :)

I hate that the rss feed is so instant, because it was published for literally 3 seconds before I caught it!

Anyone know of a way to prevent the RSS feed from being that instant? I’d LOVE to hear about it, because clearly I keep doing this and probably will do it again.

Anyway… I’ve been writing and scheduling because I anticipate I’ll be pretty busy over the coming weeks, and don’t want to get so burnt out that I forget to write and publish our weekly haiku! This will also give me some leeway on other posts, which I haven’t been doing lately. It’s summer time, and along with working my usual long hours, I’ve got 2 kids driving me nuts hanging out and in need of mental stimulation.

Tomorrow I think we’ll take a run to Hungry Hollow to hunt for fossils – Wee One has never done that, and The Teen suggested we go again, because it was so much fun the last time we went, when she was the wee one.

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!


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  1. Amanda says:

    you know you can change the posting date even after it posts? The RSS might catch it but that’s no big deal

  2. Broot says:

    I didn’t notice. ;)

    Oh hey, speaking of haiku, I saw this on the EPBOT blog ( in the comments (re the infamous haiku “haikus are easy/sometimes they don’t make sense/refrigerator”:

    Technically (Japanese language and culture nerd here), that’s not haiku! It’s SENRYU. Same 5/7/5, but without the nature/seasonal word requirement. Senryu is often cynical or satirical. Japanese use senryu in ads and political commentary and things like that.

    I thought perhaps that was useful for us to know.

  3. I can no longer enjoy the summer, because it officially ended for me three weeks ago. That’s how long we’ve been in school, believe it or not! :(

  4. Laurie says:

    I enjoy it when it’s not above 78° and not humid – but it’s been a great gardening summer.
    You lucky people that teach, getting the summer off and holidays.