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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 17•11
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Welcome to “Sensational Haiku Wednesday!”

Click here for info and background on this weekly event!

The basics:

Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)

This week’s theme is: Home

    Very far from home
    Warmth missing, comforts lacking
    Sleep in my own bed

Comfy leather chair
Coffee mug that feels just so
Familiar smells

    Travel; wonderful
    Horizons expand your mind
    But no place like home

Where you hang your hat.
Common denominator
Grounding. Roots. Home base.

Folks, a quick note about comments: A few of you don’t have Name/URL enabled on your blogs, and I CAN’T comment in that case. Take a moment to enable that, will you? There are other ways to combat spam and still allow people with their own domains to leave their homage to your greatness ;)

Next week’s theme: Weary

Note: Nothing makes me happier than to see new people getting “hooked on haiku”! Keep it going to make it to the Hooked on Haiku List (if you’re not listed and should be, please [politely] let me know!)

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  1. Amanda Moore says:

    I love your home, I’m moving in girl! = ) I cannot see the linky so I’ll leave a link to mine here as well!

  2. tara tyler says:

    love your cozy haikus =)
    makes me anticipate fall all the more!

  3. Urailak says:

    Wonderful haikus as usual! There is no place like home, indeed :)!

  4. Lovely haiku!

    Thanks for inspiring one of my Sundry Haiku!

  5. RiA says:

    I always bring my pillow when I travel. Yet at home, I don’t get all neurotic when I get a new pillow. My husband laughs at me.

  6. I have many “homes,” and I would hang my hat in all of them–if I had a hat! :-)

  7. I’m sooooooooo looking forward to next week’s theme: WEARY. In fact, I’m already there!

  8. Mama Zen says:

    Don’t you just love the feeling of your favorite coffee mug in your hand? I enjoyed these.

  9. Laurie says:

    Hope you’re having a great week. I enjoy reading your Haiku’s, can’t seem to pick a favorite because they are all so true. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  10. Broot says:

    going home today
    My Boy was nearly run down
    I hate bad drivers

  11. Mike says:

    Only just started writing haiku and finding it fascinating and great fun.

  12. love your haiku, Jenn. there really is no place like home, is there? have a great weekend.

  13. Leo says:

    oh.. SHW is a full week now too? cool. I tht I missed the deadline & linky would be closed. be back soon with a haiku :)

    • Jenn says:

      It’s not supposed to be, Leo! It’s a combination of wanting to accommodate those living all around the world, and complete laziness on my part. I usually close it on Sundays now, to make some room for the new week :)

  14. I so much appreciate your keeping the Linky open longer, Jenn. I’m REALLY having fun with “home”!

    • Jenn says:

      I noticed, haha! I think from now on I’ll set it to automatically close Sunday night at midnight (EST). Sound fair?

  15. Mike says:

    Couldn’t help but submit a second one.

  16. My first submission here…thanks for having a wonderful place to inspire writing