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Gah, she got me!

Written By: Jenn - Apr• 07•11

Broot, my Kiwi soul-sister from Craving a Little Perspective honoured me with this Versatile Blogger award a few days ago – thanks Broot!

Awards are a nice way to show folks you appreciate them, don’t you think? Certainly made me smile, even though it comes with a little bit of work if you choose to accept it… which, of course, I did.


The Versatile Blogger Rules:

1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers. (15, really?? Half the people I know won’t accept it!)
4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it… or not. :-)

Oh man. 7 things about me? What haven’t I already shared with you?? Ok, lets see here. Hrm.

  1. My best feature is my feet. It’s all I have left that hasn’t fallen, or changed shape.
  2. I love to prune trees! A happy property is a tidy property. I once put a spike growing on a crack pine right through my hand as I was pruning it. Small victory for the tree.
  3. I find it very difficult to give up control of any situation. That said, there are a couple people in my life that I gladly give that authority to, but you might be surprised who they are. (The Hubby is not usually one of them).
  4. Even though I spend every waking hour literally surrounded by technology, I would like nothing better than to retire to a log cabin with few amenities and live life a great deal more simply. Well, maybe a beach house… ;)
  5. Cleaning copper and silver is a huge pleasure for me. Seeing the dull, oxidized metal turn brilliant is so rewarding.
  6. I am easily overwhelmed these days, and have been doing my best to reduce the amount of things I agree to take on in recent months. Stress is highly overrated!
  7. I’m not a good sleeper – noises drive me batty. I can’t process them into “white noise” or learn to ignore them. Did I mention that the Hubby snores?

Ah, now the fun part… who to tag, who to tag. I must admit there are not too many “new” bloggers I can choose from – I have so little time to wander around the Blogosphere and mingle these days! Most of the time they find me, and I really appreciate that, believe me!

Perhaps a mixture of known and new will do. And… fewer than 15 to be sure. I’m not going to tag anyone I know full well won’t accept it, either. In no particular order, please enjoy the following Awardees!

  • The first person who springs to mind is Mary of One Perfect Bite – I’ve seldom found a food blog that has inspired me to actually make their posted recipes, but Mary is different. She puts up gorgeous yet simple (simple is good when you don’t enjoy cooking as a rule) fare, and most of it appeals to my family! Slowly but surely, Mary is helping me get past the “ugh” of wondering what to make for dinner. Past that I just really enjoy her as a person :)
  • Mama Zen is someone I enjoy too – and she is indeed very versatile! You never know if she’s going to be talking about farm porn with applomb or reviewing your next must-read novel. She’ll probably be shocked at this nomination because I am shockingly BAD at leaving comments and often just zip through using my reader and not making the actual trip to the blog itself. Yes I know. I suck. I’ll try to do better.
  • My favourite shrink who has a thing for Coffee Yogurt (don’t think we get that here in Canada) is a must-read. She’s a “tell it like it is” kinda Texan gal, which makes her my kinda gal.
  • Jade at No Longer 25 holds the singular distinction of being the only blogger (who wasn’t first my IRL friend that is) that I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting in person. She writes with such joy about everyday life and her travels around the world!
  • Who could forget Betty? I love to read about her life in Paraguay, and share in her joys and experiences as she chronicles a different way of life. Sometimes she shares the most delicious Mennonite recipes too!
  • Another Mama! Mama Milton is a great, feel-good read. I love her take on things that make her smile. Invariably they make me smile too.
  • Drat, Broot, can’t I tag you too?? You’re definitely a soul-sister, my Kiwi friend! So strange the amount of things we have in common.
  • Not sure if she’s mad/angry, mad/nuts, or mad/Madeleine (yeah probably that last one), but you’re sure to get a chuckle from Mad Kane‘s humor blog!
  • Ria has accused me of choosing just the right haiku prompts to mirror her life (and thus stab her in the heart, etc) in any particular week… does that mean we’re psychically linked? Things that make you go Hrmmmmmnnnn…

You have to know there are dozens more bloggers I’d love to tag, but it would be futile at best – they won’t play! Besides, I’m running short on time and have to get ready for rehearsal..!! Sure hope I remember to let my recipients know ;)


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  1. Thom says:

    You forgot to mention you are with child LOL Sure don’t name me but I know rehearsal is more important…pffft…oh yeah I read every single word. Congrats by the way!!! Oh and I don’t accept or do awards any longer. Just a little FYI but it sure is fun bitching as to not being named ROFLMAO!

    • Jenn says:

      You told me long ago you don’t accept them – you’re one of the people I was thinking about when I said “they won’t play” so pfffft! Besides, I have other plans for you, and you know it.

      This comment landed in my spam folder, by the way.

  2. Thanks very much. I’m honored by the mention. But I’m afraid my current schedule (including doing my taxes and a bunch of other things I really need to get to) will prevent me from following the award’s rules. So sorry to let you down. :)

  3. Mama Zen says:

    Wow! Thank you!

    • Jenn says:

      Welcome! High time I actually acknowledged that I visit you, don’t you think? haha

  4. broot says:

    Well, I had trouble with my own post so I don’t think I could do it again!! LOL but thank you! ;)

    Sounds like you have what we call in Early Childhood Education as a “transformation schema.”

    It manifests in adults as the enjoyment of turning one thing into another (like cleaning copper & silver) or, enjoying makeover shows. ;)

    (I have that schema too!)

  5. RiA says:

    Wow! Thanks!! I’m not sure I can come up with 15, but we’ll see what I can come up with.

    I really have trouble pruning. I let a rose grow to the second floor windows (finally pruned it to 6 ft a few weeks ago) I try to think of it as a haircut, but I really see it as an amputation!

    My dream house is a log cabin with floor to ceiling windows in the great room on the shore of a lake

  6. Betty says:

    Thank you so much for the award. It´s not always I play along, but I´ll try to post about it on the weekend.
    I´m back from Asuncion and we had a great time!

  7. Thom says:

    Okay what did you do delete my comment?

  8. Mary says:

    First, let me congratulate you on your well-deserved award. Then I must thank you for sharing it with me. I am really surprised and delighted. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary