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Summer plans

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 04•10

First, happy 4th of July to my American friends! Hope you have a great day!

J-B is traveling Ireland and Scotland for the entire month, and Main Street is on hiatus for a few weeks. Probably a good thing for us to take a break and have a chance to miss each other, right? Well, we are getting together for dinner with assorted spouses next week, and we did have a great Canada Day celebration at Walt’s place last week… but it’s not the same when we’re not singing!

For the next few weeks ShaMoo is planning on lots of face time with her 3 kids, Knarf and Zack will be making tracks and exploring as usual, and Walt will never be without a golf club in hand.

I’m taking a working vacation and leaving for the east coast on the 17th, but I will have my laptop with me, so I won’t be totally “gone”. We’ll be visiting the hubby’s dysfunctional family for a few days – don’t even get me started – and exploring parts of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec that I’ve never seen before over the course of 2 weeks. It will be nice to get away. The teen was unable to go to training camp this year (there were not enough spots for her advanced training level, unfortunately) so she’ll be with us – YAY!

Wait. Is that a yay? So much teenage attitude, and being in close quarters for 2 weeks… hrm. I’ll let you know how that goes.

We’ll be spending my birthday the 4th anniversary of my 39th birthday on a beach in Nova Scotia, weather permitting, and I’m looking forward to that very much. Wee One has never been to any of the Eastern provinces, so I’m looking forward to sharing her new experiences. She’ll meet relatives she’s never laid eyes on before in New Brunswick – again, don’t get me started – and in at least one case I hope it doesn’t cause any lasting trauma. I’m taking the high road here by not explaining that, believe me.

So that’s the next month, in a nutshell. Amid all of this, I am dealing with blog-apathy, and have been very uninspired to write anything worth reading lately! This too shall pass, I’m sure!

What are you up to this summer?


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  1. Betty says:

    Hope you have fun on your trip, even with a teenager along…
    I know all about dysfunctional family┬┤s, so I believe it when you say your taking the high road. :)

  2. Thom says:

    ROFLMAO!!! I cannot wait to hear about the trip and the dysfunctional family LOL I hope all of this gets you started. I can so hear it now LOL :) Too funny. Who the hell knows what I’ll be doing. No real plans except for just waking up every morning and doing the usual. I hope you get out of your blog funk. Been there, done that, it’s no fun. Ooo a birthday…4th anniversary of your 39th…Only You. Have a great day my friend.

  3. RiA says:

    ok – a bunch of auto races.
    – a long weekend in Philly hanging out with hubby and a bff who lives there while Angie is in orientation.
    – a week of just me and hubby – we’re both working- but Angie in the bahamas with her aunt – don’t know who is more screwed.
    – a week in Philly helping Angie get settled in her dorm.

    Except for the races not a whole lot of fun. But, we’re thinking of taking a vacation just the 2 of us sometime in the fall.

  4. Broot says:

    OOoooo I hope it all goes well!!

    I can’t tell you what I’m up to for summer yet – it’s 6 months away. My parents are flying down… does that count?

    I can tell you that our term 2 school holidays just started (2 weeks off) and I have no idea what I’m doing with the kids!.

    Bon voyage!! (And I say that with my best Bugs Bunny impression)

  5. Amanda Moore says:

    Well I am glad you’re all making some time for your selves it will be good for you!And I hope that errr 4th anniversary of your 39th is a smashing day for you, I had my 7th anniversary not too far back and it was boooorrring so have some fun for both of us.My vaca is done for now no more time off till October but it gives me something to look forward to. Happy 4th of July Jenn!

  6. carma says:

    There is PLENTY of dysfunction in my family – which is why I always say that visiting family does NOT count as vacation – hang in there!!

  7. yogurt says:

    Is that a yay? LOL I find myself having identical thoughts about our approaching vacay. Thoughts about being cramped into a 5 seater rental when we’re used to a 7 seater which gives the teens plenty of space to spread out and basically pretend each other doesn’t exist. have a great vacation, Jenn!!

  8. Melissa B. says:

    First off, congrats on your 4th anniversary of your 39th birthday. Mind if I use that line? Have safe and happy travels. I’m still at the beach, sunning, walking and napping. Looking forward to going back home and doing more of the same…

  9. Happy Birthday, girlfriend!

    My summer is almost over! We go back to school on the 2nd. My best friend from high school is coming to visit tomorrow and staying a week and then the following week, The Man Beast and I are taking a cruise! (company sponsored – no way we could afford such luxury!)

    I would have emailed you, but I don’t remember your email address and you don’t have a “contact me” link on your blog. Perhaps you should consider one…if for noone else but me! :o)

    Have a great day!