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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Written By: Jenn - Jun• 09•10
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Welcome to “Sensational Haiku Wednesday!”

Click here for info and background on this weekly event!

The basics:

Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)

This week’s theme is: Freestyle

My submission for this week:

Knarf’s car just called me
Sort of like a$$-dialing??
Ah, technology…

Folks, this is our 50th Haiku Wednesday! I’ve decided that we’re going to have a “Challenge” in 2 weeks for our 1 year Haiku-versary. Start thinking about it now! Our numbers have waned somewhat the last couple of months, which is sad since we have such a great Haiku community happening here. Let’s get the word out, and get some new faces in here!

The challenge will be to bring in the most new Haiku-ers (ideally people who will join us and stick around), and the winner will get… well I’m not sure yet. I’ll announce that next week… ;)

Next week’s theme: Fathers

Note: Nothing makes me happier than to see new people getting “hooked on haiku”! Keep it going to make it to the Hooked on Haiku List

To participate in this week’s event, please use the following code in your post on your own blog (if you don’t have a blog, post your Haiku as a comment):


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  1. Thom says:

    You mean I’m first. LOL WOW!! Love the Haiku. Why? Because my car can call as well. LOL. Technology gotta love it. :)

    • Jenn says:

      Can you believe it? Well, ShaMoo was exhausted, and we kept Knarf and J-B at the pub quite late last night! That left some wiggle room! Enjoy your top spot ;)

  2. I am in, but sadly…

    Thanks for keeping this up, Jenn. I will put out the challenge word :D

  3. quilly says:

    I’ll vouch for Thom’s car. I’ve talked to it more than once!

    I am up to my eyebrows in packing and this darn contest I’m running. If I get a chance I’ll post sometime tomorrow but most of my energy is going to be spent traveling to the resort in Canada. We leave at 8 a.m.

  4. Nessa says:

    I can’t stand stand my phone. I wouldn’t want a car that does that, too. But I do like your Haiku.

  5. Melissa B. says:

    It’s been a while since
    I frequented this space, so
    I’ve got a good one…

    Royal Flush

  6. LOL! Say hello to Knarf’s car for me! Seriously funny.

  7. Is he by chance a relative of Herby? LOL. Thanks for hosting, Jenn. Have a great day, everyone.

  8. J-B says:

    Week 50! Holy moly, Jenn: ever think you’d get the following here that you have? Congrats! Intriguing about the “anniversary challenge”: will see what you cook up for that!

    So here’s a few for “freestyle” week:

    Trying hard to please:
    Sometimes it is not enough.
    Never stop trying . . .

    Roses sometimes red,
    Violets often are blue.
    Thinking now of you!

    What a great year it has been.
    Thank you, my dear friends!

    When holding your hand
    I really feel the magic.
    Thanks for you; for us!

    That’s it from the J-B; have a super week, everyone! :)

  9. LarryG says:

    some ask why, why not
    others scream loudly, or stare
    the degreased bird flies

  10. Knarf says:

    We had a late night last night with the ‘Choristers’. A bit of a celebration I guess for our music director’s good fortune at landing a job at a University here. …And … well, It’s raining outside and I’m having silly nonsensical thoughts at the moment has you will discover for yourself below…

    I’m puzzled for sure!
    If things are always alright;
    What becomes of left?

    On the other hand,
    You might say she wore a glove.
    Quite absurd I say!

    ‘cause things are alright.
    But not to despair I’d say.
    For what’s left has left.

    So I scratch my head.
    Perplexed! A bit Bewildered!
    What became of left?

    Now I am not sure;
    By writing this silly thing,
    That I’m not quite right.

    So I will depart,
    with a gladdened heart and go…
    And perk some coffee.

    • Jenn says:

      Heehee Knarf, you’re too funny!

      Tell your truck to stop calling me, my van is getting jealous ;)

      • Knarf says:

        …that was so funny! …I kept hearing this tiny little voice coming out of (you’re not going to like this..) …out of my pocket! …you know..where I keep my change!.. ;)

        • Jenn says:

          ACK! Well, all I heard until you finally said “…hello??” was “oh you STUPID… not that… argh…” and then a lot of rattling and fumbling. Thanks for taking me out of your pocket. It was pretty scary in there.

  11. ShaMoo says:

    Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing well :) Here is my attempt for this week:

    Freestyle is too hard
    I really need a topic!
    Help me, Obi Wan :)

    See you all next week!!

  12. a car that calls your phone??? omg what’s next? maybe i should find a car that answers my phone.

    your haiku is quite amusing, jenn :D

  13. shakira says:

    your haiku always SPEAKS to me, Jenn. Love you!
    I would love to help allure people to join you…just tell us when you want us to do and when is the challenge starting?
    for the love of Haiku and you!

  14. Jingle says:

    I decide to play your meme this week,
    thank you for the attention…

    I host Thursday Poets Rally,
    you may enter your Haiku and place your link in, then have extra fun…
    thank you.

  15. Broot says:

    backyard teenagers
    there’s no toilet I can see
    get offa my lawn!

    ha ;)

  16. RiA says:

    Freestyle isn’t my favorite. See my haiku for an explanation.

  17. LarryG says:

    “Why are you sitting”
    “In my lap and tell me, why”
    “is your hand placed there?”


    just a fun memory from an office party
    over 25 years ago :)
    (names have been changed lol)

  18. carma says:

    makes me long for the old days when asses didn’t dial…and life was simple…