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Written By: Jenn - May• 21•09

I was reading a post at Life as Mom, a blog that I found recently (and quite enjoy) about reusable bags, coupons, budgeting, etc. It got me thinking. Scary, I know.

I absolutely do use reusable bags – which started because we live in a town in Canada where the very first “bagless” SuperStore was built. It was tough for about 5 minutes, but then it really caught on. Most people have a dozen bags in their trunk at all times. I have 3 Costco bags (including the insulated one), half a dozen Walmart bags, and at least a dozen black Superstore bags. They are the perfect size – for just about everything! We even take them to the beach, or cart toys around in them when traveling. They also make great yard waste bags that you can tote around with you as you weed, then dump into the compost or green bin (here in our town we have not only blue boxes, but green boxes for compostables, which is AWESOME. We have less than a single garbage bag at the curb, every 2 weeks. Recycling is picked up weekly). They also wash up wonderfully with your normal laundry.

After I saw this story and others like it, we immediately stopped buying bottled water, too. We are looking at cutting down on all packaging, and make sure that everything we can is put into recycling. Our world is dirty… and it’s all our fault for being a society of extreme overabundance.

Green isn’t only GOOD…. green is necessary.

Are you green? What do YOU do to make a difference? Let’s share ideas!

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