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Class… and lack thereof

Written By: Jenn - May• 17•09

I have to rant. Please bear with me.

Nothing, but NOTHING ticks me off more than appalling eating habits.

Ok, Sunday is possibly the WORST day to visit a Costco, but I wanted a few things that we always get there, and tomorrow is a holiday (Victoria Day) so we (hubby, wee one and I) braved it. Mistake. I so hate crowds.

We went at lunch time, so we decided to get the awesome $1.99 hotdog deal they have there. Wow… busy. Not only did we have to wait for 15 minutes for a table, but a man tried to step around my four year old and I to get to the table we were 2 feet away from, and waiting patiently for. I saw him maneuvering though, and strategically deflected him as I clearly thanked the departing couple and planted my keister on the bench, smoothly directing my daughter to a seat across from me. “Geez,” he huffed loudly, giving me the evil eye. His evil eye had nothing on the one I leveled at him, and he tucked tail and moved on without another word.

As we sat there waiting on hubby to bring our lunch, we people watched. *sigh* Mistake. What is it about weekends that brings out the dregs of society? All around me people were sitting there eating like veritable animals. Now, you have to understand that I have a real THING about people eating with their mouths open. It’s vile, repulsive, and low class to the extreme. My children learned to chew their food properly WITH-THEIR-MOUTHS-CLOSED when they were still in high chairs. They have table manners that would pass muster at any high brow occasion. Clearly the people surrounding us were severely lacking in parental coaching, because as one, they chewed and crunched and slurped noisily, setting my teeth on edge. It was like a train wreck – you can’t help but watch, no matter how sickened the sight makes you. One man actually picked his nose, heedless and probably careless of who spied him. Come on. Surely your mother taught you better than that??

I forced my eyes away, and watched the line up at the check out counters instead. Yep, you guessed it. More of them. Women chewing gum with their mouths open – and some of them were well dressed, and even appeared educated. Way to ruin a look, gals. It’s almost worse than smoking.

Just goes to show that money does not equal class.

Rant over. As you were.

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