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So I wonder if he’ll remember… Part Three

Written By: Jenn - May• 30•09

Left the house fairly early today – the Teen and her friend had to be at practice for their Cadet Annual review, and I’d promised my brother I would stop by and sort out his wiring for his high speed in his new house. Stopped at a couple garagesales (yes it is one word if you’re a real Garagesaler) and picked up a few things, but nothing worth mentioning.  Got to my brother’s place, and found an unholy mess of wiring that the Cogeco idiots had left him with. Took me an hour or so of splicing and testing, but I got him up and running. Who’s the (wo)man?!

Went home and picked up the hubby, because we had some running around to do – he needed to pick up a condenser unit for the van’s A/C, and I had to hit Costco – again on a bloody Saturday, although it wasn’t all that bad this time – for a couple of their massive caesar salads to bring to the annual review this evening. I know I could have made them myself, but honestly? For $9.99 each, you get a massive salad with all the cheese, bacon bits, croutons and dressing, and you can serve them right in the bowl, which means I don’t have to wait around for my own bowl to be returned to me at the end of the event. Awesome.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yes – we’re driving along quietly, and all of a sudden he turns to me and says; “Our anniversary is coming up! What do you want to do?”

Ok, he survived the experiment passed the test.

I smiled and quietly told him he “passed”. I don’t think he quite understood what I meant, or the magnitude of his statement, but as he’d clearly made me happy, he didn’t press the point. Smart man.

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